You. Your People. Your Stories

We all have a story to tell ….. Tell yours, with a little help from those who were there

Meander through Your Your parent’s Your child’s story

your own memories

Capture a special moment, memory or milestone on your story-line, and invite those who were there to share their experience of that moment

your parent’s story

Spend time with your parent/s finding out about the moments and memories that make up their life story. Capture these on their timeline, and invite friends and family to add their contributions or comments

your child’s milestones

Record when your child reaches special milestones, and does something awesome. Let selected family and friends leave a special message on each memory

Simple Story-telling

In the time it takes to remember a moment or milestone, you can record it, share it with those who were there, and save it to your personal timeline. Then, sit back and enjoy commentary and input from others!

Edit, Search & Filter

Go back to a moment you’ve saved, edit it, add images or video, and include people who were there. Search by category, people, date and location. Filter your memories the same way for easy viewing

One screen timeline

With our unique, swirly timeline and category pins, your life story can be viewed on one screen. The more moments you create, the busier your story gets, so a Storybook* view is available to expand the detail.
*coming soon

Your Legacy

Tell your story, or your child’s or parent’s story, with images, video, soundbites and input from those who were there. Then gift the story, online and/or in printed form to a loved one


Wherever a beautiful soul has been, there is a trail of beautiful memories.” – Ronald Reagan